Monday, March 21, 2011

What should I clean my wood floors with?

Its easier to say what not to use -

Don't use oil soaps.  Oil soaps will leave a sticky residue that traps grit on the finish of your floor.  As you walk on the floor it grinds that grit into the finish and causing accelerated wear to the finish.

Don't use acidic cleaners.  Cleaners with vinegar, lemon, and other acidic substances will eat away at the finish layer over time.

Don't use waxes.  Wax will accumulate dirt and grit over time - even more so than the oil soaps.


  • Vacuum loose dirt regularly from your wood floors.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth for any areas that don't come clean from vacuuming. 
  • Use a bone scraper to remove gummy materials (not a butter knife). 

NHance does have a cleaning solution available for your wood floors that will not attract dirt and grit or eat away your finish.  Call for more info.

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